My 3 day Juice Cleanse Review

juice cleanse

Lately I have been reading a lot about juice cleanses and the benefits that they provide our bodies with. Our bodies are exposed to toxins, chemicals and pollutants all day every day. Add to the fact that so many of us overeat and have diets that are high in processed food, sugar, dairy and gluten its no wonder we are getting sick all the time.

I decided that I need to give my body a little reset so I embarked on a 3 day juice cleanse from Raw Beet

Here is a diary of my experiences throughout the cleanse.

Pre Cleanse

I have a very clean plant based diet 80% of the time, however I do like to indulge and sweets are definitely what I crave. A day before I started the cleanse I made sure to keep my diet super clean and had no dairy, refined sugar, gluten or alcohol.

Day 1 hadn’t even started and I was already feeling good YAH!

My juices arrived the night before and I lined them all up in my fridge ready for the next day. They all looked so good and with names like Thrill Smith, Cayenne Diaz, Brad Beet and Megan Kale I was so excited to get started.

Day 1

Day 1 started off with a glass of warm water and a squeeze of lemon juice to kick start my digestive system in gear and was followed by a Megan Kale which was a mixture of Kale, Apple, Celery, Lemon, Cucumber and Spirulina. It was really delicious and gave me a nice little energy boost.

I then spaced the rest of the juices throughout the day and not once did I feel hungry.

I didn’t get any afternoon energy slump which I sometimes do when I’ve had a big lunch so that was a plus.

I finished off the night a Love Mylk which was a combination of almonds, dates, cinnamon, filtered water and vanilla extract. OMG is was soooooo good and really filled me up

I’d have to say that Day 1 was actually really easy and I didn’t miss food at all.

Juice Cleanse Review 3

Day 2

Today I woke up extra early and I actually felt really refreshed. I normally need 8 hours of sleep but woke up feeling great after only 7 hours. My stomach had no bloating at all and I just felt really good.

I started again with my glass of warm water and lemon juice and then my first juice of the day while I prepared breakfast for my son, Maxy. It was a little hard cooking his scrambled eggs but I got through it without giving into the temptation to have a mouthful.

I took myself off for a little mani pedi today and sipped on my Brad Beet Juice while I relaxed. It was the best!

The rest of the day went very smoothly and the not eating thing wasn’t a problem.

Juice Cleanse Review 4


Day 3

I woke up a little excited as I had got through the first two days and was now on the home stretch. My eyes looked a bit clearer and bluer and my skin clear.

I was pretty busy today and actually forgot to have one of my juices so I ended up having to squeeze a few in during the evening.

I went for a walk in the afternoon and all in all I felt great all day.

I was actually a little sad when I finished my last drink tonight and realised that I wouldn’t be having them again the next day.

Juice Cleanse Review 2

Post Cleanse and The Results

Yah I did it!!! I’m pretty damn proud of myself that I made it through the three days without a smidgen of food and gave my body and digestive system a chance to relax.

My skin is clear, my eyes are definitely brighter, my stomach is flat with no bloating and I’ve lost a couple kg’s which is always a good thing when you’ll be living in bikini’s for the next two weeks in Hawaii.

I think though that the best thing I have got out doing the cleanse is that I feel like I’ve broken that habit cycle of just reaching for food because I’m bored, stressed or emotional. It has made me realise that I have most likely been over eating and at times indulging too much.

It is something I will definitely do again, maybe a few times a year or so when I feel like my body need a break.