The Healthy Journey- Sydney



A baby shower and visiting my bestie was a great excuse to head up to Sydney and also do some exploring in my spare time. I have enviously scanned instagram photos of Sydneysiders visiting cafes such as Earth to Table, The Grounds of Alexandria and had been dying to visit them for myself. Here is a snapshot of my Sunday in Sydney.


The Grounds of Alexandria

My day started bright and early with a visit to The Grounds of Alexandria and I can tell you straight away, I was absolutely blown away by this place.

The Grounds of Alexandria are located at an old pie factory that dates back to the Early 1900’s. They have a strong focus on sustainable practises and the surrounding grounds are proof of this.

Strolling through the beautiful venue, I found myself patting a miniature pony, a pig and a goat, eyeing off the goodies and fresh fruit on the vintage carts that lined the pathways and this was all before I had stepped into the beautiful café. One word… WOW

Here I feasted on scrambled eggs, house baked sourdough, fresh cherry tomatoes with micro basil and olive oil, sweet corn and chilli croquettes, all washed down with a beautiful chai latte. I think my eyes were bigger than my stomach but I just had to sample as much as I could. My bestie had the smashed avocado on gluten free toast with poached eggs which she also loved. Seeing all the breakfast dishes coming out, everything looked incredible.

Following breakfast we visited the flower store which was overflowing with flowers I have never seen before. These rainbow roses caught my eye and after chatting to the lovely shop assistant, I discovered that these were not painted as I thought they may have been but they let the rose stems sit in a die bath and then the roses soak up the dye and their petals change colour. Very cool!!!




Building 7A, NO.2 Huntley st

Alexandria NSW 2015

T: +61 (2) 9699 2225


About Life Natural Marketplace

With big full bellies off we headed to About Life Natural Marketplace which has been described to me as Sydney’s version of the famous Wholefoods in the USA. Just that comparison made me excited as I have a huge obsession with Wholefoods…


We visited the Double Bay store and immediately I was impressed… Upon entering you are welcomed with a wholefoods cafe serving smoothies, coffees, healthy treats and lots of yummy sounding breakfast and lunch options.


The salad/food bar at Wholefoods has always been what I have obsessed over and the one at About Life is huge!!!! There was such a big selection of salads, hot foods such as chickpea curry, soups, fruit, yogurt and so much more. Even better they cater to a whole host of food intolerances so there is something for everyone to choose from.


In addition to this, there was also a trail mix bar which was stocked with every nut you could imagine, seeds, goji berries, raw cacao chips, nibs, wafers and their very own raw cookie dough. I could just see myself coming in here weekly to make myself a big batch to snack on.


The fridge section was full of ready made superfood salads, chia parfaits, raw sugar free slices and nutritious homemade meals to heat up for lunch of dinner.


I loved walking around the store looking at the wide variety of health food items from brands such as Loving Earth, Pana Chocolate, Honest Goodness, just to name a few. Even better they had samples scattered around so I was able to taste their paleo bread, freshly made nut butter and the most amazing cashew nut raw hummus.


This is definitely your one stop health food mecca and I just wish that one would open up in Melbourne.

Opening hours- Bondi Junction, Cammeray & Rozelle

Mon – Thurs 7am-8pm

Fri – Sun 7am-7pm


Opening hours- Double Bay/ Surry Hills

Mon – Sun 7am-8pm


Opening hours- Public Holidays- All Stores

8am – 5pm (Closed Christmas Day only)


Phone- All Stores

02 8755 1333


Bondi to Bronte Costal Walk


I always ensure that I fit some exercise into my daily routine and this coastal walk did not disappoint. Starting at Icebergs in Bondi, I set off on the famous coastal walk to Bronte (approx. 4km return). The landscape and scenery is absolutely breath taking. Think limestone cliffs, look outs and crystal clear water… It is so beautiful you will forget that your actually doing exercise


For more information click on this link


Earth to Table


After a little exercise it was time to refuel so I visited Earth to Table in Bondi Junction which is a raw, vegan café. Over the past few months I have enviously looked on as people on instagram captured their visits to Earth to Table and indulged in healthy, raw, sugar free cakes.


With a large menu to choose from it was always going to be a hard decision so I decided to go straight to dessert 🙂 I figured it’s healthy so I didn’t feel one bit of guilt.


After studying the cake display for what must have been 10 minutes and asking lots of questions, I finally decided on a piece of snickers cake and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. All raw and sugar free of course!!! The snickers cake had a nut base, chocolate mousse filling, topped with a nutty caramel layer and chocolate sauce. Words cannot describe how amazing this was… The ice cream really surprised me. It had the most beautiful texture and taste and paired with the snickers cake it was just perfect.


I will definitely be making my way back here on every single trip I make to Sydney!!


85 Bronte Road Bondi Junction

(02) 9029 1755


Opening Hours

Wed to Fri 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Sat to Sun 8:00 am – 6:00 pm!/pages/Earth-to-Table/261044320668510?sk=info&tab=overview